gate.io交易云产币(IHT)送15 BTC和200万IHT大奖活动公告

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IHT integrates global real estate markets with the blockchain mechanism. Through joining blockchain and real estate, the real estate developer, financial institutions and their users can be connected and the transaction of real estate can be made a part of “digital credit society”, therefore constituting a pivotal supporting part of the economic development. All owners and investors will become beneficiaries of real estate blockchain.White paper: website: 是 项下开发的专门用于拆分不动产的智能合约技术和分布式记账技术。它运用区块链本身去信任机制,防篡改,信息透明,共监管和可追溯性等优势。通过 IHT 智能 合约可将大额不动产拆分并分配给金融机构,以此,给予用户以小额资金投资并获益于不动 产的机会。并保障了投资的安全性和低风险性。白皮书英文:白皮书中文: 官方网站: IHT trading has been enabled on We are going to giveaway 2 million IHT and 15 BTC in the following competitions.1, 5BTC and 600,000 IHT airdropWe will release it soon. Follow our twitter @gate_io and join our telegram to get more details.2, Deposit IHT to win 2BTC and 200,000 IHTActivity time: 2018/03/26 14:00 -- 2018/04/14 14:00 (UTC 8)During the activity time, the top 100 deposit users will share 2BTC and 200,000 IHT based on their IHT net deposit amount calculated by the formula: Deposit amount - withdraw amount.3, Trading IHT to win 8BTC and 1,200,000 IHTActivity time: 2018/04/01 14:00 -- 2018/04/14 14:00 (UTC 8)During the activity time, the top 100 traders will share 8BTC and 1,200,000 IHT based on their IHT trading volume calculated by the formula: buy amount sell amount(except same account trades).gate.io已经上线IHT云产币交易,IHT总计10亿枚,项目总共募集到33333ETH,Token价格10500IHT=1ETH。我们将为在gate.io上参与IHT活动的用户送出百万大奖(15BTC 200万枚IHT)!活动规则如下:1.转发官方IHT活动Twitter和参与Telegram关于IHT的讨论赢 5BTC 60万枚IHT随机空投。具体活动细节将在社交媒体公布,请关注 twitter @gate_io 和 Telegram群 查看细节: (需翻墙)2. 充值IHT赢2BTC 20万枚IHT大奖活动开始时间:2018年3月26日14:00——2018年4月14日14:00在活动期间,排名前100名充值用户可以按照净充值量分享2BTC 20万枚IHT,用户净充值量按 (充值量 - 提现量)计算(不计站内转账)3,交易竞赛赢8BTC 120万枚IHT大奖活动开始时间:2018年4月1日14:00——2018年4月14日14:00在活动期间,排名前100名的交易用户可以按照交易量比例分享8BTC 120万枚IHT,用户交易量按 (买入量 卖出量)计算(不计同用户买卖,请勿刷交易量)活动最终解释权归gate.io所有。Deposit IHT at (充值IHT) IHT at (交易IHT)IHT对USDT交易:对ETH交易:是一个有态度的交易平台,不收上币费,只收好项目,为用户提供100%保证金和秒冲秒提的优质服务。推荐他人注册,获得30%佣金,到这里获得推荐链接: 30% trading fee in the affiliate program at us and get updated at  (关注我们社区)Twitter:, 2018