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Facebook has become so much more than a social media company over the years. Not all of their decisions are appreciated by the general public, though. It also seems the platform faces major concerns regarding privacy and censorship. Blockchain technology may very well be the undoing of platforms like these for many different reasons.

Facebook Faces Many Problems

Being the world’s leading social network often comes at a price. ForFacebook, there are growing concerns regarding privacy, data harvesting, and content censorship. Right now, users are forced to give their content and personal information freely to the company because there is no way to circumvent this problem. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, can make such platforms obsolete fairly quickly. Users can see which data is shared and with whom in a transparent manner. The idea is everything Facebook is, but also what Facebook isn’t or can’t be.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves has beenthinkingalong the same lines. In his opinion, blockchain can disrupt social media for multiple reasons. Being able to share all types of content with only the people you want to without relying on intermediaries sounds quite appealing. This will prevent data harvesting by internet monopolies such as Facebook and Google.

One of the pressing problems remains how data can be misused. Those issues are not easy to solve by any means. Privacy issues are also present on Facebook right now. The company’s recent exposure of data through Cambridge Analytics is just one example of this problem. Things are going from bad to worse for the company in this regard. Centralized control of user data simply isn’t working, that much has become more than evident.

People Are Fed Up With The Company

It has become painfully evident Facebook is fighting a losing battle on multiple fronts. Earlier this week, we saw a major social campaign telling people to delete FB altogether. Brian Acton, a co-founder of WhatsApp, is one of the people behind thiscampaign. Ever since Facebook bought out WhatsApp, Acton has become a lot more vocal about his dislike for the way things have gone. It is obvious this situation will only spur new debates moving forward.

On top of that, the platform has the audacity to ban specific advertisements on the platform, cryptocurrencies in this case. It is censorship in its purest form, illegal programs and scams do need to be blocked in one way or another, and they have made no effort to prevent spurious members peddling their scams and spam. Facebook’s decision toban cryptocurrency adsaltogether has created a lot of bad blood, for obvious reasons.

With a transparent network, such decisions aren’t even an issue, as users can determine what they want to see or not see. One entity should never make this decision on behalf of over a billion people. Whether or not most people will move away from this social platform moving forward, remains unknown however Facebook’s growth has started to decline. It is time people started to see these platforms and companies for what they really are – profit driven monopolies. Transparency has never been one of Facebook’s strong suits.






加拿大皇家银行市场分析师Mitch Steves一直在思考。他认为,区块链可能会因多种特性改革现在的社交媒体,能够与所有人分享所有类型的内容而不依赖中介,不依赖中心化的社区,让人怦然心动。这将打破互联网巨头对数据收集的垄断,例如Facebook和谷歌。



Facebook的问题是传统社交媒体正在经历的困境的缩影,本周早些时候,一些人自发组成了声势浩大社交活动 -- 劝诫人们卸载Facebook(使用微信?哈哈哈哈)。WhatsApp联合创始人Brian Acton是这场运动的幕后推手,自从Facebook收购WhatsApp以来,Acton就开始喜欢对自己厌倦的事情口诛笔伐。显然,这种情况只会导致更多新的争议。(还好他们还有大佬站台)


在区块链网络上这种问题会被解决,因为用户可以确定他们想看或不想看的东西,但是一个实体决不应该代表超过十亿人作出决定。不管有多少人会卸载FB,也不管FB以后会如何前行,但FB的增长已经开始下降。现在人们开始意识到这些平台和公司实际上是什么了 - 利润驱动的垄断,这些巨头绝不会放弃自己的利益。






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